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Try Letz Vez! alt protein made from plants to cover all your nutritional needs on a plant-based diet. And build a healthier food system while you're at it.

Rich in Fiber
High in Protein
Flavoursome Taste
No Chemicals
No Antibiotics
No Diseases

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Letz build a better food system together

Our current food system is broken. Animal agriculture is no longer sustainable. It’s used up all our resources and pushed us towards climate emergency. If we want to save our planet, we need a new food system. One that’s made with plants! At Letz Vez, our mission is to build a better food system with the help of plant-based proteins (aka alt protein) – the future of food. And we’re doing it, one delicious product at a time. So, letz vez?

Customers Reviews

“I’m a vegetarian myself but this tastes really good, the texture is really good and I think it looks like chicken but I can’t really tell you since I’m a vegetarian.”
Mila Kunis
Buhler (India)
“I just bit into it, it is exactly like chicken but believe me it’s vegetarian totally. The taste is simply awesome. We congratulate the people for having this very good product. Very safe.”
Stella Sherry
Professor, Nutrition
“They have amazing range of products. The best thing about it is everything is 100% veg. So, this is absolutely safe for your health. Once in a while you can definitely try it, the taste is amazing. It was a treat to actually eat today afternoon.” (at BIEC Food Expo)

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