The Plant-based Glossary

A quick guide for anyone who’s new to a plant-based diet

Plant-based food or an Alt-meat is a type of alt protein. It refers to products that are either made from plants or derived from it. They are designed to resemble meat in every way – from their look and taste, down to their aroma and texture. Usually, you will find them in the form of burger patties, sausages, nuggets, minced meat. However, with recent innovations, they are also available as faux-seafood and faux-meat such as shrimp, fish, pork, bacon and turkey.

Number of ingredients. It depends on the company and type of meat. Legumes and grains are 2 common ingredients you’ll find in most plant-based meat and alt protein products. They are preferred for their high content of plant-based protein, fiber and starches, which get converted to isolates, flours and concentrates in the labs.

Yes it is! Studies show that healthy plant-based alternatives have the capacity to reduce risk of a number of chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Plus, it promotes vitality, helps in weight loss, boosts your energy levels, among other benefits.

Alt protein like plant-based meats are designed to mimic the taste, smell and texture of meat. Many alt protein brands are doing a pretty good job in the taste department. However, more research is being conducted by alt protein scientists and food technologists to imitate the exact flavor of meat. But if you’re eating a plant-based diet and craving for that juicy, delicious taste of meat, then plant-based meat or alt protein can definitely satisfy your cravings.

Not really. Alt foods like chicken, beef, and seafood are made from plant-based protein, instead of costing an animal’s life. This often means that the method of production is longer and more cost-intensive than their conventional approach. But plant-based companies are working hard to change that. By reducing costs at the production and manufacturing level, they are trying to make their meat alternatives more affordable and accessible for common folks. At Letz Vez, we have a delicious range of plant-based protein that’s healthy, tasty and yet affordable at the same time

Eating a plant-based diet that includes alt protein is extremely good for the environment. Contrary to animal agriculture, which is unsustainable. According to The Good Food Institute, alt protein, especially plant-based meat, uses 47% less land, emits 30-90% less CO2 emissions, & uses 72-99% less water than conventional meat. Plus, it saves millions of innocent lives every year from being slaughtered. Now if that doesn’t sound environment-friendly, we don’t know what is!

Not at all. When it comes to plant-based meat, everyone has their individual diet and lifestyle choices. You can be a vegetarian, a hard core meat-eater, a flexitarian, plant-curious or vegan. Anyone is welcome to try out this new innovation of alt protein. But we hope you’ll love it enough to say goodbye to meat forever!

You can start from wherever you are. If you want to introduce more plant-based alternatives in your day-to-day lifestyle, look for healthy yet tasty meat alternatives at online stores. Letz Vez! has an amazing range of plant-based protein alternatives like burger patties, sausages, “chicken” nuggets that are packed with protein, fiber and flavor which will help you in your journey.

Alt-food is an alternative protein rich food which can be consumed by both, either veg or non-veg, without compromising on the taste and texture.

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